Fish, Love & Grit

This is a love story. Like many love stories it begins with that first moment. The first time you lay eyes on; the first time you bear witness to the inherent contradictions, the full scope, the full range, and the challenge… Moab, was love at first sight. My first time was in college on a climbing trip with my brother, my old green 1987 Fisher Hoo Koo E Koo and a maiden voyage into the world of slick rock riding. I was literally breathless by the shades of red in that swirling sandstone candy-scape. I was breathless with fear of riding on that same rock and generally in awe at the feeling I had deep in myself in this place of extreme beauty. Years later, my brother is fortunate in owing a home there and me the beneficiary of a bed in Moab. We have watched this little town grow bold under the guiding hands of many pioneers turning it into a bike mecca, and with it comes really tasty places to eat, water up and drink coffee.

Most recently on a long weekend to Moab Outerbike, an annual trip to see our good peeps in the bike biz we discovered a few more places to eat! We often start our morning at the Love Muffin – a double cappuccino and the Verde, a pile of brisket, green chili and eggs sets the day. Grab a muffin for your pocket. If you don’t get around to eating it, it might provide extra protection against any future crashes. Sabaku Sushi has long been a favorite for us, and many others. If it’s a busy weekend in Moab, it will certainly be busy there. Go early and sit at the bar. They are quite used to serving us common bike trash and have a delightful cocktail menu to heal your aching muscles after a long day in the sun and gritty sand. This time around, we found ourselves at La Sal House and Doughbird. La Sal House brings a next level dining experience to the scene. My beloved and I are critical cocktail enthusiasts and sometimes a large crystal clear rock is all you need to know you’re in good hands. The food is fabulous too! Doughbird is, well, doughnuts and chicken. Enuf said. Which really all this means is you best be riding a good deal daily, because last I checked you’re not allowed to return from an epic biking trip with an extra few pounds…